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When purchasing a home in the United States, foreign nationals may have trouble obtaining mortgage financing. Many big banks will not finance non-US citizens, while others have cumbersome restrictions such as asset seasoning on U.S. soil or requiring a depository relationship. We offer a streamlined approach to financing foreign buyers, without requirements for a Social Security number, visa, or U.S. credit. Read more about how to obtain a mortgage as a foreign buyer here.

  • No U.S. credit / no SSN is acceptable
  • Tax returns are not required
  • Income is verified with a letter from the borrower’s employer or CPA, breaking out 2 years of income, in local currency and converted to USD.
  • If buyer has liquid assets exceeding 110% of the purchase price, income verification is not required.
  • If income cannot be verified, qualify under Investor Program
  • Down payment money can be gifted
  • Money has to be in the U.S. only 10 days prior to closing
  • We only verify mortgages originated in the U.S. – no foreign credit report is run
  • Bank statements must be translated into English; we have a service that can do the translations
  • Only 3 months reserves required

70% LTV up to $2 Million loan amount
65% LTV up to $3 Million loan amount
60% LTV up to $4 Million loan amount
55% LTV up to $5 Million loan amount

Larger loan amounts available. Perfect for foreign buyers who are looking for simple and straightforward mortgage financing with minimal restrictions.

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