Sheila Cheatham

Mortgage Loan Processor

Sheila Cheatham is a Mortgage Loan Processor with Bank of England Mortgage New York. She has 8 years loan processing experience and 11 years of experience in the mortgage industry including loan processing, default servicing and quality assurance/control. In 2016 she received the SunTrust Mortgage Processor of The Year Award and received a Bachelor's degree from Howard University in 2008.

Sheila believes that a clear line of communication is key and keeping teammates in the loop lessen the risk of closing delays. It's important for her to efficiently stay on top of her files with great quality and be attentive to details. She has an immense passion for what she does and always goes above and beyond when performing her daily work. Professionally, nothing is more fulfilling and satisfying than the knowledge that she helped a client achieve one of their goals of owning a home.

Sheila's philosophy is, "Get it done! If you don't know how, find a way!"