Pamela Mozie

Loan Coordinator

After more than 25 years of processing, Pam Mozie has become known as the consummate professional, her dedication to her clients admirable and a model to those around her. She puts communication at the core of her work process, making it her goal at all times to understand her clients' needs inside and out. Her ability to simplify the mortgage process is noteworthy, and whatever challenges arise, she has seen it all before and knows intuitively what she has to do to navigate forward and put others' minds at ease. This is the secret of her success: she makes it her business to know everything about the loans that she works on.

There is nothing more thrilling to Pam than closing day, the day that her clients receive the keys to their new homes and get to step foot through a front door that they can call their own. This is something that, after all her years in the industry, has never grown old for her, and she looks forward to it with the same enthusiasm that she did when she was just starting out. Knowing that she has shown up with supporting documents and produced a clean loan, she breathes a sigh of relief not because her work is stressful for her but because she can rest easy confident that she has helped her clients to avoid the stress that many believe to be unavoidable when it comes to mortgages.