Romy Acevedo

Loan Officer

For more than ten years, Romy Acevedo has served in the mortgage industry with distinction. Originating loans at some of the leading mortgage banks on Long Island, he has amassed a treasure trove of mortgage knowledge and honed his sense for qualifying issues and what it takes to find loans for everyone who comes to him. He views himself as playing for the same team as his clients, going to bat for them and putting their needs over any and all other considerations.

Whether he is saving homes for small business owners or facilitating closes with minimum cash, Romy finds deep fulfillment in the work that he does at Bank of England. He has originated loans with just 5% down on $2 million mortgages among other feats. Particularly to people who are self-employed, he offers counsel that works and that pushes the boundaries that other originators think of as inflexible. Anything but inflexible in the way that he operates, he offers borrowers a smooth and stress-free loan experience, remaining transparent and communicative with his clients every step of the way and making himself constantly available for questions and feedback.

From home ownership to refinances, Romy is a master of the entire Bank of England product line, which is vast. On top of that, he knows what common sense lending looks like and how to put it into practice for his clients. Romy is bilingual and is fluent in both English and Spanish.